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Life is a series of ceremonies and occasions that mark the passage of time.  Their purpose is to establish key life events, travelling the circle of our lives from cradle to grave.

Since the beginning of time humans have looked to the world around them and created symbolic passages of life. I bring my skills as a writer and theatre director to the role of celebrant: inspiring an artistic approach to combine your hopes and visions to realise the ceremony that suits you. I have trained at the International College of  Professional Celebrants and have had the benefit of some of the industry's finest training.


My purpose as a celebrant is to create memorable ceremonies and occasions for people to commemorate important life events.

Baby naming


Spice ceremonies

Remembrance services

Civil partnerships


Hand tying

Naming ceremonies


Whatever and however you

want to celebrate, let's make it happen!

Let me create a tailor-made ceremony

unique to you and your family.


I fully understand the importance of making ceremonies respectful and conducting funerals and remembrance events to celebrate your loved ones' life whilst celebrating the essence of a person, as well as including you and your family's voices as part of this farewell tribute.


Family celebrations will always have a sense of theatre and occasion and I look forward to working with you to inspire and create a very personalised ceremony.

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I look forward to collaborating with you on ideas and themes that you would like to include within your special occasion and introducing new and innovative ceremonies or rituals.



So whether your dream is to have a ceremony in a leafy woodland, on the beach, at your home, or to create an event space, let's create your special day to bring your dreams to life.



Let's take that first step

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We'll set up an initial meeting and consultation so you have an opportunity to discuss what you would you like, or how we should develop and shape your ceremony.

My role will be to take your ideas as well as aspirations and respond with a draft of what I can craft and create for you.

I am here for you and will be in touch throughout this process to offer ideas and a ceremony that meets your hopes and dreams.

I will ensure there is a timetable and agreed plan, so we have plenty of time to rehearse before the big day. 


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